We are offering the offshore dedicated server with lots of new and latest hardware, the list of the server not exactly what we have, we have lots of more in dual and single dedicated.  We request you to connect with our chat agent to get your best deal.

We have HP and Dell machine with Intel Xeon E3 / 2xE5 series  With 8GB to 256 GB RAM. The Storage drive is also flexible we can able to provide as much you need.

The network is now very stronger, We are able to provide 40Gbit/s for a single dedicated server which can be duplex. So HD/4K streaming is now not a big issue. We've 24/7 Power backup and own power plant in our datacenter.

Now talking about price, we feel glad that we can able to provide service at an affordable price. With the low profit with the best service can make us down to give a discount and any promotional prices, where we offer lower than the promotional prices.

If we taking about the managed server, we can help you to manage your server and migrate it as well. Our dedicated support staff is very friendly to fix any issues.

If you have more questions about the verification you can open a general ticket and also you can mail us as well.

Thanks for being our customer.

Saturday, November 16, 2019

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