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Bulletproof Offshore Domain

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We have standby dedicated support time to provide you with the proper information that you are looking for. Register your selected offshore domain which is bulletproof and DMCA-ignored.

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Why us HostsBook for Domains?

HostsBook hassles domain register. And do not ask what kind of website it going to be.


Free Business Email

HostsBook offers 2 business emails on domain registration without any extra charges for a year. To activate the business email you have to follow their instructions after confirming the successful order for domain registration.

For any confusion, just join the live chat and ask your queries. The support agent will inform you of all the instructions or information.

24/7 Dedicated Support

An experienced support agent is available on the Host Book service team for any type of support at their service. Just join the live chat or create a support ticket and let them know where are the difficulties you are facing. They willingly invite you 24/7 to join their chat or support.

Be assured, the problem will be solved and it will be monitored next 72 hours after solving the issues. We are encouraging you to create a support ticket, Join Live chat or Join Telegram for Support.


Bulletproof Domain Registration

The bulletproof domain is the best solution to protect your business privacy and it can be anonymously. Our priority is to protect your privacy from any kind of violent issues. HostsBook is DMCA ignored domain register, so no need to worry about that.

You can transfer your domain from any provider to us. For any kind of queries, please join our live chat or Create a support ticket.

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We are regularly rated 5 stars by our customers and with over 1000+ reviews on Trustpilot and Hostadvice, see for yourself why you can trust us to power your website.

Roscoe A. McDowell

Earlier, working in a movie site, I had always faced problems with the DMCA, getting frequent complaints now and then. After switching to this server, I never had to worry about DMCA again. In addition, their 10gbps bandwidth has made working much easier.

5 star rating
Sapan kumar Sahu

I run a Indian Hosting Company, and I have been to 50
places in the last 3 years, and have found this offshore data center the best of all. They are always available all day,
and have a good behavior and understanding of their customers.

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Ethan Carey

I had been looking for a cheap DMCA ignored VPS for a while, searching for someone who understood what I wanted. It was then that I came across Host’s Book. I have been working with them for 2 and a half years now, and have not once been disappointed.

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Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers with 4.9/5 on Host Advice


Expert and User Insights by Paid Customers with 4.9/5 on Trustpilot

Frequently Asked Questions.

Randomised words which don't look even slightly believable. If you are going you need to be sure there isn't anything embarrassing.

The bulletproof domain is planned to ignore complaints and protect the registrar's privacy. You can call it DMCA ignored domain registration or anonymous domain registration.

HostsBook provides DMCA-ignored and anonymous domain registration. If you want a domain registration that ignores your complaints you can register with us.

Domain registration depends on your business. It is a virtual branding of your business, you can choose from our domain search box with your required TLDs.

On HostsBook we register all kinds of domain TLDs (extensions). A few domains have limited offers and others have regular prices.

There are a few new TLDs available .Today, .ZONE, .TIPS, .SALE, .ROCKS

With a limited offer, our domain comes with 2 business emails which 100MB storage.

Yes, you can transfer the domain name anytime. Just unlock your domain form the current register and collect the EPP code which is called the security code for domain transfer and put that with our domain transfer link.